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Boswell Speaks: Volume 4

  • eBook
  • illustrations by Eric Hanson
  • Publisher: American Letters Press
  • ISBNs 978-0-9846497-6-1

“… the friendship shared by dog and human is the height of living. It is a sacred realm where love between divergent, mildly antagonistic personalities can work its unimaginable wonders.”
From the author’s introduction to Boswell Speaks: Volume 4

Boswell Speaks: Volume 4 is the final installment in the hilarious canine Twitter novel saga by award-winning author Richard Grossman. Based on @BoswellSpeaks, the popular Twitter feed of Grossman’s real-life Australian Terrier pal, Boswell, the illustrated eBook series follows the faithful, fun-loving canine and his magical friend, StuffyToy, on a mission to discover the secret meaning of the universe in the pattern of kibble in his bowl.

In Volume 4, Boswell takes another shot at seducing the target of his lust, Lulu, a neighbor’s white Standard Poodle, despite the fact that his short legs could thwart the realization of his fantasies. But there is another fly in the ointment: a pot-bellied pig named Herodotus has moved into Lulu’s house and may be stealing her affections. Soon the intrepid Boswell launches plans to “off” the pig with a quasi-military strike with the help of his neighborhood pals, including a cadre of left-wing squirrels armed with acorns. Meanwhile Boswell and Stuffy continue to converse about topics far beyond the confines of their house, ranging from high finance to eating disorders. The pup also consults his Higher Poocher to help solve life’s mysteries, and in a moment of ultimate canine brilliance, Boswell offers a marvelous answer to the age-old question: If God created everything, who or what created God? Finally, one of the major characters in Boswell’s life says goodbye.

Boswell Speaks: Volume 4