Richard Grossman

  • New Revised Edition
  • $22.95


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The Animals

  • 424 Pages
  • softcover
  • illustrations by Nicolas Africano
  • New revised edition:  October 2011
  • Publisher: American Letters Press
  • 4.75  × 7.5 inches, Smyth sewn
  • ISBN-13:978-0-9846497-0-9

" The Animals is a consummate performance. The objective of voicing the aspirations of the planet . . . demands that this book be considered in the company of other works by Chaucer, Dante, Milton, Blake, Whitman, and Williams."

—James Bertolino

The Animals is a literary work of immense ambition, an intricate spiritual and philosophical guide that affirms the beauty and holiness of nature and the quintessential unity of all life.

Consisting of 400 poems, this environmental bible is set in a mythical “field” where a shepherd engages in a series of discussions on a wide range of issues, both practical and mystical, with his flock of 200 different creatures ranging from an amoeba to a whale. Additionally, each animal tells its own intimate story in its own unique voice to the assembled group.

At the end, the shepherd dies and is resurrected. In the final 35 poems he relates his first-hand experience with mortality and eternity.


The Animals